Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of our most asked questions and hopefully you can find the answers you are looking for. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email at

As our products are 100% naturally derived the best before shelf life is 12 months from purchase date, however once opened the product should be used within 6 months or the integrity of the natural ingredients will be compromised. 

All of our products are safe to use with both pregnancy and breastfeeding with exception to our Essential A Skin Boost. 

The vitamin A strength in this serum is not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding mumma's as there is not enough clinical information regarding topical Vitamin A during these stages. 

We believe that your beauty products and routines shouldn't harm the planet or any animals. For this reason we do not test on animals or and do not use any animal derived ingredients in our formulations. We also do not use any suppliers that do. 

All our skin care packaging is made from recycled PET plastic and is recyclable. You just need to remove the cpas from the bottles before placing in the recycling bin. 

Our bath soaks pouches are made from 100% home compostable film. These can be reused again and again and again throughout your home. Store hair accessories, kids jewellery or toys in them, Or use to organise your bits and bobs. When your ready you can then place in your home composting system to turn into amazing nutrients for your garden. 

We are a 100% Australian owned company that provides 100% Australian made products. 

We do source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world before being formulated in our Australian lab by professional and highly qualified cosmetic chemists. 

Our Soothing Soaks range handcrafted in small batches by me in our Island Goddess workshop.

Currently no. Unfortunately to become certified organic there are hefty ongoing fees involved which as a small business we simply cannot afford. We choose to put any profits we make back into our products to provide the absolute best for you. 

However, our ingredients we source are at the highest quality possible and are certified organic ingredients wherever possible. 

WE WILL NEVER TEST ON ANMIALS!! We will also not work with any business or supplier that practices animal testing. 

As all our ingredients are naturally derived, the colour can vary with each batch. This is due to different seasons and conditions at the farms.